Flattening The Benchtop

Not using a planer created a benchtop that was very uneven.  Searching on YouTube I found a great tutorial on how to use a router to flatten a Roubo Workbench.  You can see how I did it below, but the Wood Whisper's YouTube video is far superior to my tutorial below.

Wood Whisper's Tutorial for Flattening a Workbench or Large Boards

Using two pieces of sacrificial boards nailed to the sides of the benchtop as guides.  Unlike the Wood Whisper, I choose to use finish nails and secure the sacrificial boards into my benchtop as my boards weren't straight when only clamped to the side.  So I clamped the sacrifical boards to the side at each end and used a long straight edge to ensure these "rails" would remain straight.  Below, I'm using my router, jig lubricated with car wax, and a 3/4" flat router bit.  I only took off about 1/4" per pass and had to make several passes.  A larger plung router would have been nice, but patience and a soar hand allowed me to get this task done.
Router Jig Set on Side Rails
Flattening Workbench top
Flattening Workbench top
Flattening Workbench top

Once the router was shaving off just a little bit over the entire surface I had a close enought to perfectly flat surface.  So I used my Random Orbit Sander with 120 grit sandpaper to clean up the  surface.  Flattening Workbench top, sanding

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