Brett Loewen's Homebuilt Airplane Builder's Log

It's time to get started on my own KR2S Amateur Built Aircraft Project.  Much of the design modifications in my project will be derived from those outlined on Mark Langford's website.  Some design criteria have yet to be determined, such as wether or not I want to comply with Sport Pilot Limitations, but I can build the fuselage before making some of those bigger decisions.  I do not have a pilots license yet, but I figure if I start building an airplane the license will be obtained before finishing the project.

Decision to build the KR2S Aircraft design was selected based on the following criteria:
  1. Create myself 10,000 small projects to enjoy as a hobby.
  2. Inexpensive project to get started with.
  3. Two person, cross-country capable, and very fuel efficient airplane
  4. Time proven design with a great builders network
  5. Flexibility to make aircraft modifications
  6. Airfoil was designed by a professor and his doctoral candidate at the University of Illinois

Images below are of Mark Langford and his Highly Modified KR2S.
Joe Horton's KR2S  Mark Langford Flying His KR2S

Current Status: December 2014
Small Project # 00001 of 10,000 is to build the EAA Chapter 1000 Workbenches.  These are built like a tank, but how do you level the tabletop when placed on a very uneven garage floor?

eaa 1000 workbencheaa 1000 workbench

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